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THE JAYHAWKS from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. You can call it alt. country-rock, pop or “rootsy” but I call it just excellent, real music by real people playing real instruments. 


There’s an excellent official fanpage at The fanpage you are now on concentrates on the stuff that isn’t on that site, or in a more condensed manner. Note: Due to MB shortage, this site is kept simple regarding pictures and hi-tech “htm” stuff. Not that I am capable of doing that anyway! I hope you enjoy this site.


Please choose one of the following segments of this webpage.


Song samples

Since their first album, the Jayhawks produced six more studio albums and two live albums. This is the only place on the net where you can listen to long samples from songs of each album.



Extensive list of all known releases of albums, singles & promos. Almost every item on the list comes with great scans of artwork/discs/vinyl.

This section also includes the band  “Golden Smog”, a much loved family member in the Jayhawks family.



Interviews you can listen to, soundclips, articles, some Jayhawks memorabilia and more to come!  



List of links concerning The Jayhawks and related bands. But also of bands I like !


Live Shows Page

I have a collection of non-commercial Jayhawks bootlegs and some others.




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